Trendy Earrings for Girls 2012 Trends

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love earrings trends 2012 fashion for girls

This following trendy earrings for girls 2012 trends, earrings are one of the important accessories of women since it has a major influence in the appearance of a woman in season spring/summer. Although it is small and often not too concerned, but the use of earrings that are close to the face will definitely affect the appearance. Due to a mistake selecting the type of earrings will make your face look out of proportion, perhaps more rounded, wider or thinner look. In a variety of concepts, ear has its own characteristics. Oval face shape face is long and not too wide at the top and bottom, this is the ideal face shape. Tips for Choosing a Round Face Shape Earrings As one of them is to avoid the use of hoop (hoop earrings), which is too small earrings or earrings are made ​​from thick to make the face look more solid.

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