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Are you a person who has an obsession with Burberry products, the type who asks for everyone of her birthday gifts to be something Burberry? But, as we all know, Burberry items don’t come cheap. Some people who don’t have the budget to buy one directly from a store often go to online auction sites. These sites often offer item that would usually cost a lot, on a much lower price. Second hand products are even sold on these kinds of sites. This might sound appealing to everyone, since you will not only have the chance to save money, but you will also save energy and time by not going all the way to the store. eBay is one of the most popular auction websites and if you are going to buy Burberry items from it, then there are risks to take. Not everything on eBay is 100% legit; some are fake, especially designer items. This guide will help you avoid buying fakes and only original and authentic Burberry items just by examining pictures. Asking the seller questions about the item will help you know if it is real or not.


Tip # 1: Material

Burberry Handbag 1Burberry Handbag 2

If you are planning to buy a Burberry bag, then you should know that they are made from Vinyl Coated Canvas. This material makes the bag very durable and resistant to stains because of its shiny surface. It may have the look of leather but it differs in texture. Burberry bag also have either Classic Check or Nova check patterns on them. You should familiarize yourself with these patterns, so that when you look at the item’s pictures, you will instantly know if it is legit. Both patterns have tan backgrounds and vertical and horizontal stripes. The only difference is with the colors of the stripes.

Tip # 2: Details

Inside Details of Burberry PurseBurberry Purse Hardware



Most of the time, the tiniest details are the ones which can indicate if an item is fake. First, the seams of the bag should be straight, consistent, and neat. The trimmings should also be even. Next, go check the tag. All Burberry products have tags; they should have silver or white letterings on them.  The string which attaches the tag to the bag should be blue. Then check the interior tags of the bag; they should be as the same color as the lining. It should have a “MADE IN ITALY” on the back, along with a serial number

Tip # 3: What to Ask

It can be very difficult to spot a fake from an original, especially if you are online looking at pictures and not the item itself. Some sellers, who have no intention to fool you, always indicate whether it is original or not. You can’t really be sure if the pictures posted by the seller are really of the item. They could have just copied pictures from other sellers. These are some of the reasons why buying from online auction sites is a risk. You are risking you money on something you are only seeing in pictures.

If the pictures happen to have all the indications that it is a real Burberry item, don’t get all excited and buy it immediately. If there is only one or two pictures of the item, ask for more. If the seller is not able to produce anymore pictures, then you better back off. There is a strong possibility that you are talking with a bogus seller. If the price of the item seems too cheap to be true, then ask the seller why that is. If they say that it is a second hand, then you are probably talking to a legit seller.

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