Accessorize your wrists with bracelets

January 16, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory

Accessorize your wrists with bracelets

Bracelets are amongst one of the accessories that you wear just to feel good.

A bracelet is a piece of accessory that you wear on your wrists and that can be made in different materials like gold, silver, wood, synthetic fiber and so on.

Accessorize your wrists with braceletsBracelet can be worn on one wrist or on both but for the cooler and hip look, one wrist is enough.

Beaded bracelets are actually a trend amongst our celebrities with stars like Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder sporting beaded bracelets on and off their show, “The Vampire Diaries”.  What is cute is that it gives off a hippie vibe that is totally casual as cool.

You can also think of gifting bracelets to your friends, like those friendships bracelets that you exchange when you are teens or eventually adults, I guess.

Accessorize your wrists with braceletsBut also, what better gift than being offered a bracelet, for Valentine’s Day or your birthday.

Bracelets can be engraved with your name or designs or with gems and what more is that if you wear a bracelet that is eye-catching enough, you can not wear a necklace.

Bracelets are also a great gift to give if you don’t know what to give to someone.  It will almost always make someone smile.

Accessorize your wrists with braceletsTry looking for those intricate Egyptian bracelets, they are so hip and a personal favorite of mine and maybe who knows you’ll fall in love with one.

Accessorize your wrists with bracelets

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