An itsy bitsy Monokini

January 19, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Bikini & Swimsuit, Lingerie

One of the sexiest beach wear out there is the monokini.

A monokini is like a bikini except that instead of being two separate piece of clothing they are connected by a piece of cloth in the middle.  The back however may look like you have worn a bikini. An itsy bitsy MonokiniThe monokini is something that is usually cut on the sides but also in the front; to tantalize the viewers, but also in the back.

An itsy bitsy Monokini

Celebs like Paris Hilton or Kim Kadarshian favor those skimpy outfits to show off their curves.

Eventually, one thing, I am guessing about monokini is that it will be weird when you have tanned looking at yourself so weirdly tanned, just a guess though.

Now eventually, you have different patterns of monokinis, you can opt for the all black or you can try the patterned ones as well as the animal printed ones. An itsy bitsy Monokini

An itsy bitsy Monokini Monokinis are a great way to not worry about losing your bikini top as you can sometimes see it in movies.  You do risk the embarrassment of being topless but if you don’t mind that then no worries.

Moreover, it makes for a striking contrast to two-pieces since it can have unique designs that show off your beautiful figure while covering the important parts 😉

So embrace your figures in monokinis.An itsy bitsy Monokini

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