Anklets bring sexy back

January 21, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory

Anklets are just like bracelets; only exception is that you wear them on your ankle instead of your hand; though I think that sometimes, depending on the bracelet, you can wear on your ankle. Anklets bring sexy backAccording to oriental traditions, anklets especially made of silver are supposed to bring money in your life; that really was when money was in silver.  However, grandmothers’ tales notwithstanding; anklets are too cool.

I adore them, love them, worship them or simply put am addicted to them. Anklets bring sexy backWhat is there not to like with anklets, first of all they are sweet to wear and secondly they give a more elegant appeal to your ankles.

Anklets bring sexy backAnklets come in different materials; gold, silver or any other material and also you can choose to wear it simple, which is without any pendants or you can wear it with designs too; any way is great.

Depending on the kind of anklet you choose to wear, you can be right on the boho-chic look or simply elegant and I find it really sexy, so here is to that too. Anklets bring sexy backIt is your choice what to wear your anklet with but try to wear it when you are dressing in a dress or skirt; maxi skirts make for a bohemian look and thus with that you are dead on boho-chic.

Anklets bring sexy back

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