Hello beach and sunshine!

January 27, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Bikini & Swimsuit, Summer Fashion

Hello beach and sunshine!

Hello beach and sunshine!

I know summer is not here at the moment and we are still shivering under the blankets however summer will come, someday eventually.

Number of us will be hanging out at the beach, showing off our beautiful bodies and what better way to catch some rays of the sun and soak up the waves.

Bikinis are two separate piece of clothing that you wear to swim out or if you are Victoria Secret Model just for the fun of being sexy in it. Hello beach and sunshine! Nowadays bikinis come in different style, you can find yourself with thong like bottoms or more short like bottoms as well as you can have the option of choosing halter tops or bandeau like tops.

Taylor Swift wore a beautiful retro-style polka dotted swimwear when she was still dating Connor and it was so cute on her that I could just have ripped it off her but alas I know I would probably go in jail for that.

What is cute and cool with bikinis is that you can mismatch the tops and bottoms so as to create your own personal look without worrying and also, since we know it our fabulous abs, if you are lucky to have them.

Moreover, bikinis are just so cute that you cannot resist wearing them from time to time.

Enjoy your summer in your two-piece…Hello beach and sunshine!

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