February 09, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Fashion Trend, Fashion Week, Winter, Women Fashion

Beanies: How to keep your head warm

In winter, we sometimes wonder what to wear to protect our bodies from the cold and sometimes forget that it is important for our head to be kept warm too.

Beanies are the perfect solutions to those never-ending questions.  Made originally from wool, now they have diversified to synthetic fibers, so that if you have an allergy to wool, who knows… well you can still wear a comfortable and trendy beanie.BeaniesBeanies are unisexual, so that pretty much anyone can wear them.

BeaniesFrom your little toddler; skipping across the streets with his missing tooth or to our celebrities, who look so grunge in it or just plain comfortable.

One of the celebrities that wear them would be Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend, not that I think he likes being known as Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend aka Austin Butler.  Whenever they are out and about, and that is often, Mister Butler is seen with his beanie, trotting by his beloved.


Another celebrity that I love to see in a beanie is Nina Dobrev.  Not only does she follow, her oh-so sexy boyfriend’s fedora style, Nina loves to wear those comfortable caps and she still manages to look trendy and stylish with them. BeaniesSo if you are at a loss at what to wear on those cold snowy or rainy days, just grab your beanies and trot your stuff. Beanies

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