Belts: Accessorize what you wear

February 15, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory


Belts: Accessorize what you wear Belts: Accessorize what you wear

Belts form part of accessories that are wearable both by men and women.

Belts: Accessorize what you wear The use of belts is practical and can be used to be as a fashion accessory.

Celebrities as much as us, girls, use belts as a way to keep our beloved trousers, skirts from falling off but still belts have another way of setting a trend, because a belt can help to break the uniformity of a dress or simply make what you are wearing eye catching. Belts: Accessorize what you wear A belt can be added to a dress or can already be part of the dress that you are wearing Belts: Accessorize what you wear  and the good news, now, is that you do not have only one kind of belt.  Belts come in different sizes, colors and patterns.

So, if you have a tiny waist, a belt helps to draw the eyes to your waist and thus to your hips or it can be vice-versa too.

A belt as an accessory disrupts a unique patterned dress making it look more, in my opinion, vibrant.  It is your choice what kind of belt to wear since you can be elegant with a skinny belt that just breaks the dress or you can be bold in a vibrant patterned one that draws eyes to your waist.

Nowadays, we also have the choice of high-waist belts that give more definition to your waist; and pushes up your bust. Belts: Accessorize what you wear So if you want a good accessory, if you didn’t know already try putting belts on your dresses, not all the time but if you just want to be quirky or classy, or pretty much anything you want; follow my advice: Try accessorizing with belts.

Belts: Accessorize what you wear

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