Chunky is always cool

February 23, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory

Chunky is always cool

Most of the time when we wear jewelry we have two options: first one wear simple non-descript jewelry or secondly, you can wear chunky jewelry.

The first option allows you to wear as much jewelry as you like without over-doing it or you can wear a beautiful dress that doesn’t need much jewelry to it to be made more beautiful.  The second option; that is, the chunky jewelry allows you to wear simple clothes but to dress up with your accessories.

You have chunky jewelry like earrings, necklaces or bracelets or you have chunky belts as part of the accessories. Chunky is always cool

When you wear a pair of simple blue jeans with a plain shirt, you can wear chunky belts and accessorize with chunky earrings.

If you have a party and wear a little black dress, you can accessorize with chunky gold earrings or simple stud earrings and chunky chains.

Chunky shows off you wild and funky side of you; you can have fun accessorizing for a retro look like “Back to the 80s”.

Chunky is always cool

It is fairly easy to accessorize with chunky jewelries but all you have to remind yourself is not to overboard with too much jewelry which will look kind of weird; wearing chunky jewelry is about being interesting not ‘Weird and also attracting attention to a specific body part.

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