Color my nails: Rainbow

February 25, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Fashion Show, Fashion Trend, Fashion Week, Make Up

Color my nails:  Rainbow!!!

Color my nails:  RainbowImagine a world where nail polish didn’t exist.

No! This must be a NIGHTMARE!

In a world where appearance is the reigning supremacy, the concept of not having ever worn nail polish seems alien. I am not saying though, that it is impossible.

Sincere thanks to you Mr. or Mrs. Nail Polish Inventor.

When I speak of nail polish, I am really thinking of the basic uniform nail polish not the nail art or manicure.

Nail polish is seriously a form of expression.  Have you ever wondered why when you feel glum and depressed you opt for darker shades of nail polish? Or when you want to be on the prowl for that boy you crush on you opt for flirty shades of polish or the sultry red?

Color my nails:  Rainbow

Nail polish is a part of us that expresses our inner most personality and even sometimes our mood swings.  Color my nails:  RainbowObviously, I don’t mean that it is always true but the real fact about nail polish is that it is fun.

Fun to wear; fun to be seen in and fun to show off…

Isn’t it true that you feel this tiny thrill when your girlfriends are admiring your nails and saying “wow, I’ve never seen that shade before,” yes you are…

Color my nails:  Rainbow

But truly, nowadays a beautiful face is not everything.  Everything counts and that is why nail varnish is so popular today and true fact, it is good for your nails.  Nail polish strengthens your nails making them difficult to break and, moreover, the use of base coat singularly or with the addition of another nail polish makes your nail healthy.

So bring color to the world, paint your nailsJ.

Color my nails:  Rainbow

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