Water marble nail art

February 28, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Fashion Week, Make Up

Water marble nail art

As any normal healthy human being; I spend most of my time on YouTube.  So it is no surprise you find yourself coming up with amazing things you never knew about.

Just last week, I started searching on nail art and guess what happened and automatically made me fall in love: Water Marble Nail Art tutorial videos!!! Yeay…

Water marble nail art comes from Japan, as you would guess; these people are so intelligent they create half of the most beautiful thing around the world.

So yes, water marble nail art requires basic things that you can find anywhere; clean water, nail polish and a stick.

What you should do before starting is that you should put on some base coat which can be either white or creamy in color and also wear gloves where only the part of your fingers and nails show; if you don’t have the time just go with the flow.

So, the basics of water marble is that you are creating nail polish circles in the water, Water marble nail art if you are trying for a black and red striped look, you drop black first wait until it ripples and spreads out and then add the red; and so on and so forth; you have to put the lacquer in the middle of the circle that is formed so that it creates a ripple effect. Water marble nail art

When you have finished this, you have to drag out two sides of the circle, with the stick, to drag the corners and make the circle look more oval. Once you have finished, all you have to do is create a stripy; you do the stripes with your stick until the whole water is stripy.

Water marble nail art

 If not you can create designs that you like flowers, for instance.

When you are either satisfied with the stripes or the design; plunge your fingers in the bowl or cup and once your fingers are in there, use the stick to take away the excess of polish; that is the polish that doesn’t concern your fingers; when you take your fingers out, and Voilà you’ll see the final effect.

Now you can most likely YouTube the tutorials and you’ll get thousand more explanations to help you out.

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