Handbags: Part of our everyday life

April 19, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Bag, Fashion Accessories, Women Fashion

Handbags: Part of our everyday life

Handbags: Part of our everyday life

Our homes could be found in our handbags and it is the truth.  While some of us may border obsessive neatness compulsion, we must agree that handbags are the trickiest things we’ve ever known.

Ever tried finding something in your handbag? It’s the exact moment that something chooses to disappear; I swear there are Lilliputians in handbags; they just sneak in and have fun making us go wild on a desperate quest for our stuffs. Handbags: Part of our everyday life

However, handbags are handy… Imagine where we would stuff our makeup, lip gloss, purse, cell phone etc. etc. if we didn’t have handbags; I don’t think pockets are that big.Handbags: Part of our everyday life

Handbags come in different styles and sizes; from small as a clutch to big as a “house” moreover our celebrities love their handbags but since handbags style are amongst one the most changeable styles, you cannot always be sure of what is trending or not. Handbags: Part of our everyday life

But something is sure it’s that the fashion trends also follow the handbag trends.  Moreover, with the trending of color blocking, expect to see some really cool color blocked handbags but also handbags the color of deep red wine aka burgundy.

Handbags: Part of our everyday life

I cannot really tell you what handbag to choose, but in case you need a casual handbag that blends with all the clothes you wear, I’d say go for the black style handbag.

If not, buy as many handbags you want for every occasion.Handbags: Part of our everyday life

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