Headbands mixing usability to stylishness

May 10, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Fashion Week, Hair Trend, Women Fashion

Headbands are part of those accessories that sometimes in our lives we cannot live without.

Headbands are used, I guess since forever, to keep hair from coming in our face; especially on those horrible windy days where our hairs get a life of their own.

Headbands can be worn on the head or stylishly on the forehead.  They are usually made of plastic or cloth or other materials to give, both, a practical and stylish look to the wearer. Headbands mixing usability to stylishness

Now if your hair is real silky opt for headbands with little teeth that hook in your hair so that it doesn’t slide off but you can opt for the toothless headbands, according to your style.

Headbands mixing usability to stylishnessYou can, eventually, use headbands on the forehead to create that perfect twenties look, you’ve been dreaming for or if you are going to be doing some sweaty sports like jogging or playing tennis; you can wear a headband that absorbs the sweat. Headbands mixing usability to stylishnessWhat is great with headbands is that you can wear it at any time; since it comes in a wide variety of styles and width.

Headbands mixing usability to stylishness

Polka dot headbands make for a great retro look especially if you decide to team it up with retro-fashioned sunglasses; it really gives of a fifties starlet image.

Headbands mixing usability to stylishness

In any case, headbands are amongst one of the most useful accessories that you can ever find and this is but a simple way to flatter it.

So, if someday your hair gets a mind of its own: Headband it J

Headbands mixing usability to stylishness

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