I dream of checkered world

June 20, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Bag, Dresses, Fashion Collections, Fashion Trend

Plaid, tartan and checkered outfits, they are basically the same things, are extremely trendy since the past few and this winter, it does not differ.  I dream of checkered world

From the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to Kirsten Stewart; the world has an invasion of plaid and tartan.

This winter has seen Duchess Catherine adopting the Alexander McQueen tartan dress and it does look good on her.

Once upon a time worn only by men, tartan is now becoming an important asset of our wardrobes.

I dream of checkered world

You can wear plaid with pretty much anything and in pretty much any style.  For example, you can wear boyfriend jeans with plaid large shirts or you can do the opposite wear boyfriend plaid shirts with slim jeans I dream of checkered worldor you can wear plaid skirts, just like the Scottish men.

I dream of checkered world

On the other hand, you can try wearing tartan dresses that are so trendy at the moment.  If not, you can choose to accessorize with plaid handbags, earrings and belts. I dream of checkered world

I am not really a fan of plaid shoes but that depends on if you really want to opt for a geeky trend, that is my opinion, but yours can differ.

Plaid is like an old vintage style reminiscent of the actresses from the 1950s; as with any trend, it is your choice how to accessorize it.  I dream of checkered world

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