Nose piercings are In

June 26, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Fashion Trend, Women Fashion

Nose rings or nose piercings are right on my list of resolutions for this year:

GET YOUR NOSE PIERCED Nose piercings are In

I have this obsession with nose rings or piercings but oh I am so afraid of the pain.  I know “No pain no gain” however, you have to admit that nose rings are pretty cool and I find them utterly sexy. Nose piercings are In

It is a widespread oriental trend and with the piercing trend still present in the occidental world becoming a fashion trend these days.

Nose rings or piercings can be in the form of a semi-circular ring or as a stud and can be either in synthetic, gold, diamond or silver.  They literally pierce your nose with something pointed but still it is so fashionable. Nose piercings are In

What you have to bear in mind when you decide to wear nose rings is that you should be prepared first for the pain and second for the care. Nose piercings are In

It is important to avoid infection to listen to the advice that is procured to you so that you don’t end up with a skin problem. Nose piercings are In

Moreover, if you are like me and afraid of the pain, yes, I am walking the walk of shame but you can buy those that you stick on and they are so less painful.

Nose piercings are In

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