Take a trip on the Goth side

June 22, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Fashion Collections, Fashion Trend, Make Up

Being a Goth, is a lifestyle that many youngsters adopt during their teenage years but that can also be perpetuated in adulthood. Take a trip on the Goth side

Take a trip on the Goth sideThe gothic look is in the dress style and the makeup style.

A Goth is someone who adopts, nearly always a black dress code and powders himself or herself to look as pale as possible; add to this the use of black eyeliner to give a dramatic effect and dark lips for the final touch and voila.Take a trip on the Goth side

However, gothic style may include colors like purple or red.

Take a trip on the Goth side

Gothics like to create a dramatic effect; according to “Wikipedia” they try to recreate the Victorian eras in the way they dress with long poufy dresses or top hats for the men.

This past year of 2012, we have seen celebrities like Katy Perry or Kirsten Stewart going all black and gothic on us.

Take a trip on the Goth side

One of those who harbor it most often would be Taylor Mommsen who dresses usually all in black.

The gothic look reminds people, and I am not really sure, about the vampires and those are the vampires we found in the old movies where they didn’t glitter or something in the sun.

So if you want to adopt the gothic style then just go for the all black ensemble that you can clash with blood red lipstick or dark smoky eyes. Take a trip on the Goth side

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