Confidence is the KEY!!!

July 05, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Fashion Collections, Make Up, Women Fashion

Confidence is the KEY!!!

Confidence is the KEY!!!

Whenever you wear an outfit or try something on, you have mostly two basic reactions;

First option is that you are like “OH MY GOD, this is the perfect dress for me. I JUST LOVE IT.”

Second one is “Does it make me look fat? Does it show that I have a big butt? Oh no, I don’t think it looks good on me.”                             Confidence is the KEY!!!

Most of the time for us, girls, we go with the second option and it is really really difficult for us to achieve the first one, since we have self-esteem issues that go from our hair to the length of our toes.

There is, however, a secret that works well for most of us and that is confidence.

Now I know that actually it is difficult to feel confident most of the weekdays since you have billboard models showing off their perfect skin, body and clothes to us; yet the secret is creating the illusion of confidence.

              Confidence is the KEY!!!

As low as your esteem of yourself can be, this can remain your own battle and not let other people affect you.

Confidence or the illusion of it appears in the way you act, the way you stand, the way you walk and the way you look at people.

Indeed, you may wonder what the crap I am talking about but just consider this, when you walk slouched, you will only fade in the background and let others get above you; however walking with a good posture; where your shoulders are squared,  straight posture gives the image of someone sure of herself.

However, confidence does not mean over confidence because overconfidence leads to arrogance and this never bears well with others. Overconfidence makes you become a version of you that thinks of her above others and this is really a turn off towards people.

Never forget that you are on this planet as an equal to people and not to be above others.

Confidence is the KEY!!! If you are shy, create another version of you; I am not speaking about split personalities here but of an alter ego, someone who you want to be, who you dream to be and that you can be in front of strangers; look at Beyoncé for instance, because she was too shy she had created Sasha Fierce, now she owns her own sensuality and oozes it everywhere she is.

Don’t let people walk over you because you feel that you don’t deserve the best because and here is the most important SECRET of all, you do…  Confidence is the KEY!!!

You deserve the best as much as anyone else and as long as you don’t do something about it, no one else can help.

So be brave, be courageous and mostly be confident because you are beautiful.

Confidence is the KEY!!!

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