How To Wear Your Little Black Dress

July 04, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Accessory, Dresses, Fashion Collections, Women Fashion

How To Wear Your Little Black DressLittle black dresses are known to be a must for every woman’s closet. It’s been known as a fashion staple that any one can rely on. Many of you might wonder though, how do you wear the infamous LBD? The answer is simple: carry it well. You can do no wrong with wearing a simple black dress to a party, to work, or even for a casual day out. Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. When donning a black dress, you’re sure to look classy and well put together

How To Wear Your Little Black DressHow To Wear Your Little Black DressThe key is knowing how to glam it up or tone it down. A simple black dress could turn into a glamorous ensemble just by adding a strand of pearls on your neck, accessorizing with an evening clutch, and stilettos.How To Wear Your Little Black Dress

How To Wear Your Little Black DressIt can be perfect for work just by adding a blazer or jacket and simple pearl studs. Or simple invest in a shift dress by of design just like the photo above.How To Wear Your Little Black Dress

Go for a casual take by buying a jersey LBD and pairing with your favorite ballet flats. Combinations are endless. There are also numerous styles and designs, from cutout designs to off-shoulder silhouettes.

So whenever you find yourself at a fashion conundrum, the best option will always be to run to the classic LBD. You will surely own the night effortlessly.

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