Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

July 03, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Fashion Accessories, Women Fashion

Necklaces are part of the accessories family, whether you wear them or not.

Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

As you already, necklaces are worn around the neck and come in different styles and length.  You have the choker which does exactly that, it is tied tightly to the neck, to longer necklaces until the lariat necklace which is the longest style of necklace, this style is without a clasp since of its length you can put it and draped into a different shorter style.

Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!Necklaces come in different material and can come naked, that is, and comprise of pearl necklaces, gold necklaces or simple silver necklaces or they can come with a pendant that can depend on your own personal choice, and for example you can wear your birth stone as a pendant with your necklace.

Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

If, you are looking for a gift from your partner, I would subtly hint for a necklace, probably not like the gold choker necklace, Rihanna recently showed-off on twitter but a simple necklace wouldn’t be such a drag? Would it?

If not you can ask for locket chains which can contain photos of those you love dearest.  This particular style of chain has been in vogue since past centuries but however, for those who read Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn”, the moment when Bella offers to Renesmee a locket chain to remember her parents, is so poignant that lockets have become trendy once more.  Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

Necklaces are really a question of personal choice; you can choose the style of necklace you like; whether it is with your name, or a birth stone or a protection symbol, whatever you want to wear as long as you feel that the necklace really is yours to wear.

Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

So why not this Christmas hint for a little necklace as a gift?                                                                           

Christmas Idea: Necklaces what a surprise!!!

Embrace your pear-shaped figure

July 02, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Dresses, Fashion Collections, Women Fashion

Embrace your pear-shaped figure
Embrace your pear-shaped figure

Depending on your musical genre, you all like or know Beyoncé, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.  Thus you are already aware that these women have hips that are somewhat larger than their busts?

If you too are like this then you are definitely a pear-shaped woman. Embrace your pear-shaped figure

What defines a pear-shaped figure is really simple.

Imagine a pear.Embrace your pear-shaped figure

Now that you have visualized, googled or are looking at pear, you can see the specifics like for example that a pear is small at the top and larger at the bottom. This is exactly what a pear-shaped figure is like.

In fact, the pear-shaped figure is just like a triangle to put it in simple terms.

They have smaller bust, not that I mean non-existent, and larger hips.

What do you wear then?

Embrace your pear-shaped figurePear-shaped figure means emphasis on your hips and you can or cannot want to draw attention to them.  So, if you are like Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé, you want to wear figure hugging clothes that draw attention to the curve of your backside; thus you can wear tight fitted skirts or dresses or even slim jeans as well as flared jeans.

Embrace your pear-shaped figure

If not, then you draw attention to your bust in plunging necklines or not that much, if you don’t feel comfortable.  Moreover, you can use colors to draw attention to where you want the attention to be; pair darker colors to lighter colors so that the lighter colors are what people look at the most.Embrace your pear-shaped figure

Nose piercings are In

June 26, 2013 By: Laura Grantak Category: Fashion Trend, Women Fashion

Nose rings or nose piercings are right on my list of resolutions for this year:

GET YOUR NOSE PIERCED Nose piercings are In

I have this obsession with nose rings or piercings but oh I am so afraid of the pain.  I know “No pain no gain” however, you have to admit that nose rings are pretty cool and I find them utterly sexy. Nose piercings are In

It is a widespread oriental trend and with the piercing trend still present in the occidental world becoming a fashion trend these days.

Nose rings or piercings can be in the form of a semi-circular ring or as a stud and can be either in synthetic, gold, diamond or silver.  They literally pierce your nose with something pointed but still it is so fashionable. Nose piercings are In

What you have to bear in mind when you decide to wear nose rings is that you should be prepared first for the pain and second for the care. Nose piercings are In

It is important to avoid infection to listen to the advice that is procured to you so that you don’t end up with a skin problem. Nose piercings are In

Moreover, if you are like me and afraid of the pain, yes, I am walking the walk of shame but you can buy those that you stick on and they are so less painful.

Nose piercings are In

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